Working your hours not all hours

As a self-employed person, I constantly find myself worrying that I don’t do as much work as people in offices. As I don’t have a commute (joy!) the day stretches in front of me – 9 blissful hours, some calls, some lunch….but how do I know I’ve done enough? When can I feel satisfied?

Then this morning my wonderful mentor, Sophie Field at Thinking Time, pointed out that we are so used to time boundaries, instilled from school and then work, that changing that mentality is really hard. However as self-employed people, we have probably made a choice that we want to work differently – take control of our time, have space to do things differently. But the 9-5 world is still the majority so we are constantly measuring ourselves against that.

So what are we to do? Well, this is what I’m going to try. 6 hours a day, pure unadulterated work. The rest, I can play with. Read in. Enjoy. Realistically, in an 8 hour office day there would be an hour for lunch, an hour or so of banter, tea – some meetings. 6 hours is probably a fairly good summary if what office workers achieve. And when you know how to prioritise time, work most effectively, which I do (see previous blogs!) then I can do a lot in 6 hours!

And 30 hours a week sounds pretty good to me!