“It’s all about thinking well!”

When I was trying to come up with a name for my business, I procrastinated, trying to find clever names – you know, ones with colours in and meaning and the right ‘energy’ and all that. I got so bogged down in it, and then a friend said – ‘Whats it all about? At the core? What do you want your business to do?’ (You’ve got to love a good question.)

My response was – its all about thinking well. To which she said ‘the thinking well!’. I was immediately sold.

Three years on and I am passionate about getting people thinking well. I’ve trained and qualified (certificate, yay!) as a Thinking Environment Consultant with Nancy Kline, and I love the work that I do. In case you are wondering – a Thinking Environment ‘person’ allows those around them to think for themselves, by being a way that encourages the best thinking possible. Attention is at the heart of it all.

Recently, as part of my ongoing development with Nancy and Time to Think, I was asked to describe what I wanted from my work with the Thinking Environment. My answer was that I wanted the Thinking Environment to be something that as leaders, as managers, as mothers, as sisters, as football coaches and as institutions we all just do, naturally and with ease. Create the space for thinking well all around us. Because when people can think for themselves they are free to do anything and they are energised by the possibilities.

Shorter term however, my aspirations for the Thinking Environment in the world would be that organisations begin to be places that encourage truly independent thinking – that leaders start to be Thinking Environments for their people so that it becomes a way of being in the world of work that allows us to be who we are at work, to bring our whole selves to bear on the problems we face and to solve those problems just so much more effectively.
Some simple ways to do this are:
  1. Listen longer than you usually would before you interrupt. Its amazing where people can get to on their own, and they will be more committed to decisions if they are THEIR decisions, not others advice
  2. Take turns in meetings through doing Rounds where no one interrupts and see how easeful your meetings become, and how those who don’t usually speak do
  3. Ask good questions – plan agenda questions for meetings, not agenda items.

As a step towards this, I’m running some courses this year. There are two courses – one is aimed at people who want to create Thinking Environments in groups and teams, helping people in meetings and group scenarios to improve thinking, decision making and communication. This is the Foundation Course, and is 2 days long. I will be holding these on 29th and 30th July, and the 8th and 9th October.

The second is the Thinking Partnership Course, which goes into a lot more depth on how to create a Thinking Environment for someone, one on one, and is the first step in learning how to coach and be a ‘Thinking Partner’. It is three days long, spread over one month, and will be on 2nd, 3rd September with the final day at the start of October TBC, and also on 4th and 5th November, with the final day at the start of December TBC.

If you are interested in taking part in any of these courses and creating Thinking Environments, give me a call. You won’t look back!