Brain limits

Our brains just aren’t quite as clever as I think we all think they are. I’m reading a fantastic book by David Rock – Your Brain at Work – and trying to digest it all to create a workshop that reflects even some of the amazing tips he has.

I’m sure I’ll share more over time but for today I think this is the key one…

Our brains haven’t developed as fast as we have as a species. They are still fairly set to preserve energy. Deep, difficult, creative thinking is the most energy zapping of them all and the brain doesn’t WANT to do them.

Thats why its so hard to focus on that new thing, that big piece of work. Not only does your conscious mind have a mild aversion to it, but your brain itself is far happier reading emails and ticking easy things off the list.

How do we help our brains?

Don’t try to do too many of these tough tasks in one day. Your brain only has a certain amount of energy per day and no amount of caffeine can change that. So prioritise and try one at a time / per day if you can.

Also, attack any creative tasks at once. The brain will use energy flitting between admin / creativity¬†/ practical tasks. The more you say focused on one type of task, the less energy you’ll use….

Interested? Buy it by clicking here or read more about it and David Rock here

(no, I’m not on commission its just great!)