Coaching in a Thinking Environment ®

How far can you go with your own thinking before you need input from someone else?


We live in a world of exchange thinking where we listen in order to reply most of the time. We offer one to one coaching for individuals or teams who want to experience the power of a Thinking Partnership Session®, a productive space where they can explore their own thinking, make progress on issues specific to them, and breakthrough assumptions which might be holding them back, without interruption. Listening to ignite the mind of another person sets the mind free to think more clearly and deeply than ever before.



‘Coaching’ is a complex world, and often people offer themselves up as coaches without clarity for the coachee about what kind of coaching they are receiving. Our expertise is in delivering Thinking Environment® coaching, and director Laura Williams is qualified to the highest Global Faculty standard and trained with Nancy Kline, working closely with her and other Faculty Members.

We strongly believe that the best place to start solving your own problems is with your own thinking, and the Thinking Environment approach to coaching puts the coachee at the epicentre of the session, encouraging them to go to the cutting edge of their own thinking, and beyond, to find ways forward. It is a creative, generative space which the coachee owns and often feels liberated by. Its totally non-directive, guided by open questions such as ‘What do you want to think about, and what are your thoughts?’ and ‘What more do you think, or feel, or want to say?’.

It’s amazing what can happen for people with just these two questions, and the space to explore their own thinking, and the generative, supportive attention of the coach. Often, new neural pathways are created which help the coachee to think differently and make changes in their lives.

Whether you are looking for personal coaching on big (or small) ‘life’ questions, or want to offer professional, non directive and personal development to your team, we would love to hear from you. For a bit more information on this approach to coaching, read this article written by Nancy Kline or listen to her book, More Time to Think.


Prices start from £100 per session. Complete our contact form for more info or call us on 07956603936.


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Laura as my coach for over 2 years now. I’ve seen an incredible benefit to my life both personally and professionally as a direct result of our work together. Laura has an incredible coaching style, she seamlessly manages our sessions to real value despite them always feeling effortless and friendly. If you’re looking to see if coaching could work for you or are looking to optimise how you work I couldn’t recommend working with Laura enough. Perhaps the best testament I could give Laura is the fact that I’ve recently invested in Laura’s time for my whole team at work.”

Mike Bandar, Founding Partner, Turn Partners